Wednesday, April 4, 2012

TERA Classes: Mystic

The mighty mystic class helps with support and that of secondary damage to their opponents. Their choice weapon is the Scepter that can deal great harm to any of the enemies that try to cross the teams path. This character’s armor is very weak, therefore they need to be protected by the heavier armor wearing of their team mates. They are great at energy attacks, orbs that heal, stuns, controlling of the crowds, boosts for their team, summoning, and resurrection.

The mystic character is the combat class that includes everything from destruction to healing powers, making them a great member of the team to have on the battlefield. Their scepter helps them give more power to their allies, aside from automatically advancing them in skills, and they curse the enemies to conclude destruction.

This character fights with and for their team, they fight in up close battles making it very difficult to keep them protected with little armor, or cloth. While they are with the team on the battlefield, they channel special powerful auras to help enhance their team mates as a whole. They help by summoning agro, which is used by team members to fight or heal. This character can also summon a group of members to and from one location, while controlling the crowd in which they are repositioning.

The focus of this characters magic is of course their scepter which feeds off the world around the mystic. They can do much harm with this weapon as well as much good especially while healing or resurrecting their own group members. Their survival on and off the battlefield is not due to their light cloth like armor that all arcanists are found to wear, but by their skill and magical ability from their scepters. They have the ability to drop an orb that heals, they can provide short timed boosts to power and speed the attacks of their group members, take hit points from enemies, improve mana points for their team members, and all at the same time that they are attacking enemies with powerful magic.

When the battlefield gets rough and tough, they can easily come in and seize the situation at hand to gain control for their side, while afflicting damage upon their enemies. They also can unleash the power and magic they have stored up in the scepter upon the enemy which normally results in their team dominating the battlefield. These characters help improve the focus and stability of fighting with team members as they help protect and resurrect those fallen. They help give more power to their group as well as throw damaging blows to those that threaten their survival.

With the Mystic class they can not only protect you with forceful magic upon their opponents but also help by defeating appoints and earning mana for their entire party. They also have the ability to call forth other creatures or wildlife of the world to help them achieve success in their brutal battles. They are a very important key to a great, all-powerful group.

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